A New Article Details the Power of Smiling

A New Article Details the Power of Smiling

How a person looks and feels is always important, and there are a few details that frequently end up being overlooked. Many people believe, for example, that they smile quite frequently, despite seeming to others like unhappy individuals.

A new post at Polished Professionals reveals that making the effort to smile more often can pay off in more ways than one. Smiling is so fundamental to human happiness, in fact, that just about everyone could benefit from some practice.

Smiling Pays Dividends of Many Kinds

It might be assumed that forcing a smile every so often would end up being counterproductive, but that it not actually the case. As the article in question notes, those who consciously adopt smiles on a more regular basis can expect to experience benefits including:

  • Improved personal mood. As with so many other things, even faking it has a way of making the real thing come true. People who force themselves to smile more frequently and intensely consistently report feeling happier as a result. What might initially feel like a bit of artifice, it turns out, quickly becomes a natural response, and reacting positively to even small sources of happiness tends to encourage more of them to appear in the future.
  • Happier acquaintances. Just about everyone enjoys seeing others smile, too, so those who do so more often also tend to buoy the moods of acquaintances. These two effects combine in self-reinforcing ways, with a truly virtuous cycle of positive feelings following. Making someone else feel happier through such simple means can put at ease even those who feel least comfortable about practiced, studied smiling, which is often all that it takes for the breakthrough to happen.
  • Boosted self-esteem. Quite a few people who smile less often than the norm do so because of feelings of insecurity and pessimism. Developing a habit of smiling more frequently tends to counter or minimize the impact of these common problems, putting optimism and happiness in their places. As a result, simply resolving to smile more frequently can transform a person’s overall outlook.

Toward a Happier, More Rewarding Life

As the article in question makes clear, there are very few lifestyle adjustments of this simplicity that can produce such profoundly positive results. Just about everyone could stand to see whether occasionally putting a smile in place of a frown could pay off.

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